The Tidy Dwypeze Dispenser 12 Pack

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Each 12-pack of Dwypeze includes a smartly-designed dispenser box with a perforated tear out portion for organized storage and easy dispensing of pouches. 

Each pouch, designed to fit in your back pocket, contains one diaper based on your size selection (sizes 1-5 available), a pack of wipes, one disposal bag, and one changing pad.

  • The diaper is designed for sensitive skin, with an elastic waist, wetness indicator, and fabric-like feel.
  • The pack of wipes is individually sealed with 5 wipes for baby's sensitive skin.
  • The disposal bag has a seal strip to keep odors contained until you can dispose of it.
  • A poly-backed changing mat to protect your baby from the changing surface.
  • A distraction card with a black and white design to keep those squirmy babies still.